Vessel for Love

  “I got you.” “I know.” A moment of: Grace. Protection. Honor. Respect. Others-serving, not-self. Vessel for love. “Whatever  is true, whatever is lovely…”   I just peeked at my sweet birthday messages on social media and want to say thank you for the love, before, during, and after my birthday. On this particular birthday, … Read more

When Selling Kidneys Isn’t Enough

When Selling Kidneys Isn’t Enough   This unspeakable story was spoken on the news yesterday. Later that day, I attempted to speak about the unspoken. Sharing with my husband, John, who hadn’t seen the clip yet, I came up short articulating what I felt—the paradigm shift that had happened for me that afternoon when I … Read more

Mr. Grace Face

Mr. Grace Face A few days ago, I got one of those Facebook memory reminders (“On this day 10 years ago”). It was a post I’d written about how thankful I was that I have a husband who would go out late on a Saturday night to buy me boloney just because his wife had … Read more

Precarious Little Pit

Precarious Little Pit The description on my Strava app reads, “Stoked that it was the first time ever to get up and out (without stopping) of a tough-nut-to-crack, corkscrewy, rollercoastery precarious little pit on my fav whiting trail.” I didn’t have the space to add that I didn’t even try. I’d never been able to … Read more

What’s on Your Soul/What’s in Your Soul?

What’s on Your Soul/What’s in Your Soul? I had just watched a viral video of an anti-masking couple who’d gone into a Eugene, Oregon bakery, it seemed, with evil “just looking for trouble” intent. X-ing out of the browser, I thought, has America just completely lost her mind? Her heart? With the hate of the … Read more

Grace on Me

I made a mistake. Driving s l o w l y  in front of the CVS, I was checking the sign on the door to my left to see if the drug store had opened yet.  Because I was a little distracted, I failed to see–and yield–to the woman standing behind a person in a … Read more


I took this photo from the summit of our camo-green-painted, securely-fastened-to-a-tree extension ladder in our backyard. I love biking, but sometimes I throw in a step-climbing workout to mix things up. A funny thing happened one day this summer when my daughter, Cassie, was in town. Unbeknownst to me—she happened to be within earshot on … Read more

Mopes and Screams

Mopes and Screams   It’s generally more socially acceptable to talk about hopes and dreams. My current reality is somewhere between mopes and screams. Based on the world’s headlines, I don’t think I’m alone.   I’m so over you, karma, the law of attraction, manifest-your-empire social media ka-ka. Just go away.   Fine. I went … Read more

Pain Pain

Pain Pain     I’m probably going to make some people uncomfortable.   I think that’s okay.   Here goes.   Pain denied is pain doubled.   As a woman, I’ve been told (many times) by a stranger to smile. It’s generally on the street and it’s always been from men.   I usually cringe-smile. … Read more

When it’s Your Time to Go

When it’s Your Time to Go   The day began with visiting the funeral home with my sister and niece. We’d been spending the past several days tag-teaming it, caring for mom during her hospice days. Now, we sat at a round table in a room and discussed the details of her service to be … Read more