The Stinky and Dirty Show

The Stinky and Dirty Show


My four-year-old grandson, Brooks, has been experimenting with sophisticated phrases—statements like follow my lead. I’ve watched enough “Stinky and Dirty” with him to recognize where he’d picked them up. The other day, Brooks said to me, “Gaga, trust me with this.” So wise, so simple.


Trust me with this.


I’m reminded of this dream I had several years ago that, over time, has stuck with me like no other dream. I wish it stuck with me on a more practical, daily basis. I would be more at peace if I could apply it liberally:


Went to sleep last night unaware of any worries, listening to waves. Had an epic, full-length feature-type dream: stressful, troubling, heart-wrenching plot and subplots with final scene appearing in complete chaos, destruction. Before the “credits rolled,” I heard a voice calmly say, “trust me.” At that instant, I had a full body/mind/soul understanding; I knew as never before that all worry is pointless–that He’s got it. And then I awoke.


The news in our world lately—well, I don’t have to tell you. If you pay attention even a little, you already know. You, too, may have emotional whiplash—trouble keeping up, heartbroken. Sometimes if I put the news on in the morning, I have tears before my second cup of coffee. That happened the other morning when I heard the sister of a Uvalde victim at a city council meeting use the word “obliterated.”


If I really think about it, since I dreamed that dream, I’ve grown a little. I’m less worried (“controlling”)  than I used to be because I’ve learned I’m much less powerful than I thought—that acceptance of what is, often better serves. I am troubled, however. The state of our nation—our world—is terribly troubled, chaotic, destructive—a stinky and dirty show of unimaginable, what feels like Biblical proportions.


Kind of like the dream I had. So complicated, so simple.


I don’t know where we are headed. But if I have to choose a way, I don’t know of any other more logical or practical path on Independence Day than to depend.


To trust.


I hope you find rest today.