Joie de vivre

Collage of 4 funny dog photos

Joie de vivre [(zhwah duh veev -ruh, veev)]: A love of life. From the French, meaning “joy of living.” If you have a couple of kids, it’s never fair to compare; to do so can only cause harm. They are individuals and should be respected as such. But canines and felines are altogether different beasts, … Read more

One Way Ticket to Portland (first and maybe last installment. I just don’t know.)

Main Character of Portlandia

Welcome to the first post of my new blog/website. HotpepperSpamwiches went to whole blog heaven. This new site is currently under construction, like my character on some (or most) days. For now, here are some notes on my trip to Portland, late May to who knows. While it is a beautiful, unique city with fabulous … Read more