Vessel for Love


“I got you.”

“I know.”

A moment of:





Others-serving, not-self.

Vessel for love.

“Whatever  is true, whatever is lovely…”


I just peeked at my sweet birthday messages on social media and want to say thank you for the love, before, during, and after my birthday. On this particular birthday, there is such a juxtaposition. As I whine about “getting older,” I see so many in Ukraine who won’t get that privilege—so many who have already lost their lives as others run for them—and, oh, the juxtaposition last night at the Oscars–oh my goodness–even there.


God whispers, “I got you,” and I don’t always respond with, “I know.” I get lost in the moments, lose my place. I forget to check in with myself and the One who’s got me. It takes my full presence, my full attention to absorb that truth, to know it in my declining bones.


Whatever is true, whatever is lovely–this moment, I choose to think about such things.


And I am grateful.


(Also, I love Gaga.)