Contact me with general inquiries, if you connected with any of my Fresh One Liners, or if you would like a signed copy of I Punched Myself in the Eye.

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  1. Hi Pam,

    I was just looking to buy my own domain, naively thinking I was the only person in the world with such a unique name but here you are!
    Another person who can understand the struggle of being called Pamela Capone:

    “Pamela? Oh, like Pamela Anderson. (Eye roll)
    Capone? Oh, you mean like Al Capone?
    Are you related?? Bla bla bla….”

    It does get boring, doesn’t it?

    Oh well now I’m going to have to find an even more “unique” domain name.

    Good luck with your blog and book.


    Pamela Capone

  2. Ah! Wow, that is amazing! Great to meet you. And yes, I get Pam Anderson all the time (especially when I’m in Italy) and “So are you related to Al Capone?” to which I reply, “Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard that! Clever! And yes I am, now get me everything I need before I put a hit out on you.” 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes and good luck on getting your domain! Pam

  3. My loving Sister Pamela,

    Greetings in Jesus’ name. Today I watched your interview on Harvest show and I could not my tears and I praise God for you are doing such a good ministry.

    Your story touched my heart and I am really moved with each one word of your life. God is so good to you and miraculously He brought you up to be light for the people in the darkness.

    I am Pastor Sudarshan from India. I have been in ministry for 20 years. I have gone through the situations like you in my childhood and in my ministry also. So your story is connected to my heart. I have ministry among the Tribal, the untouchable and the fishermen. I am also taking care of Orphans and widows.

    Here I would like to have your book I PUNCHED MYSELF IN THE EYE. I will pay for that and also want to translate in to our native language to be helpful for millions of people in distress. Please let me know the details of the book.

    Sister, please greet all your siblings and ask them to pray for us. If you have the vision for India, you are mostly welcome to my ministry. I appreciate your adopted parents and I love them so much.

    Thank you again and I love to hear from you.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Pastor Sudarshan, India.

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