We’re Walking Here

I’m trying to accept myself as I am right now. I feel like an extra in The Walking Dead.   Other than when Brooksy wants me to do a puppet show over FaceTime, there is no “push past” in me. At least not my normal push-past. It takes every ounce of whatever steam is left … Read more

The Show Must Go On

My trip to Guatemala less than two weeks after my son’s memorial service was not a sign of strength; it was a sign of weakness. I went because I didn’t want to let anyone down. I didn’t want to let myself down. I told myself people were counting on me, but I was counting on … Read more

I Punched Myself in the Eye Now Available on Audible!

“If you build it, they will come.” The “you” is my tech-and-in-every-other-way support, John (pictured), and “they” is me. (John literally built my booth. And I literally narrated every word.) I feel like I’ve been in that recording booth for about forty years now and we finally have the end result. I Punched Myself in … Read more

Luciano’s Song

Luciano’s Song   Cycle Recycle: As I ride my bike—spinning my spindly legs over and over again—it’s common for me to recycle the same audio into my helmet-hard head. Often it’s the same chapter from an audiobook, a podcast episode, a TED Talk, a sermon—words. It’s usually something that has challenged me and something I … Read more

The Stinky and Dirty Show

The Stinky and Dirty Show   My four-year-old grandson, Brooks, has been experimenting with sophisticated phrases—statements like follow my lead. I’ve watched enough “Stinky and Dirty” with him to recognize where he’d picked them up. The other day, Brooks said to me, “Gaga, trust me with this.” So wise, so simple.   Trust me with … Read more

Riden like Biden

  Riden like Biden   If my neck wasn’t stiff I would have shaken my head. The news alert that had just popped up on my phone yesterday stated that President Biden fell off his bike. “That guy—such a copier. Always trying to steal my thunder,” I said this to no one around. According to … Read more

Jagged Little Coast

  Jagged Little Coast   Just waking up in this little Airstream beauty on the last night of our “Celebrate 38” week-long tour and trying desperately not to panic that I couldn’t find my mom’s bracelet. I’d already been racking my brain the last few days over a misplaced—or lost–favorite jacket. Still haven’t found that. … Read more

Vessel for Love

  “I got you.” “I know.” A moment of: Grace. Protection. Honor. Respect. Others-serving, not-self. Vessel for love. “Whatever  is true, whatever is lovely…”   I just peeked at my sweet birthday messages on social media and want to say thank you for the love, before, during, and after my birthday. On this particular birthday, … Read more

When Selling Kidneys Isn’t Enough

When Selling Kidneys Isn’t Enough   This unspeakable story was spoken on the news yesterday. Later that day, I attempted to speak about the unspoken. Sharing with my husband, John, who hadn’t seen the clip yet, I came up short articulating what I felt—the paradigm shift that had happened for me that afternoon when I … Read more

Mr. Grace Face

Mr. Grace Face A few days ago, I got one of those Facebook memory reminders (“On this day 10 years ago”). It was a post I’d written about how thankful I was that I have a husband who would go out late on a Saturday night to buy me boloney just because his wife had … Read more