I Punched Myself in the Eye Now Available on Audible!

“If you build it, they will come.” The “you” is my tech-and-in-every-other-way support, John (pictured), and “they” is me. (John literally built my booth. And I literally narrated every word.) I feel like I’ve been in that recording booth for about forty years now and we finally have the end result. I Punched Myself in the Eye is now available on Audible (by going to the link, you can also listen to a sample chapter before you buy). Guys, it was a loooooong labor of love. And I have to admit, I’ve listened to it and it has made me smile, laugh out loud, and even shed a tear or two. I hope you will consider downloading a copy for yourself and maybe gift one (or more) to a friend for Christmas. It’s easy listening, I promise (and if you listen and agree, pretty-please write a nice review). Either way, I hope that your holidays are blessed and that you have good stories to tell in the new year.

So much love,



I Punched Myself in the Eye on Audible