What’s in Your Folder?

    On my mother-in-law Sandy’s wall, there’s a sign that says, “Do one thing every day that makes you happy.” Other than giving me permission to eat gnocchi every day, this inspires me to go a little deeper than pleasing my tongue and tummy every day with tiny potato dumplings.   After I crawl … Read more

Breaking the Wall

  I love Oprah because, well, Oprah. I loved her before but like many, I was deeply moved by her acceptance speech last night. After the video montage of her accomplishments, I thought, Whoa, this woman has a legit legacy. But in her acceptance speech, rather than bask in the glory of her accomplishments and … Read more

Rebel without a Name Tag

  I hate name tags. I’ll put one on at an event if I must, though if I do, it will eventually, accidentally on purpose fall off (faulty adhesive or . . . whatever). While I typically am pretty good at understanding why I feel a certain way, I don’t know why I loathe the … Read more

Winter Solstice Today and Thirty-four Years Ago

  I saw this face for the first time in a Kansas field, in 1976:   “The summer following my freshman year, I was at a church camp in Wichita, Kansas, and was walking alone, crossing a field. I spotted someone coming in my direction, also alone. As this person got closer, I could see … Read more

Nice Guys and Sexual Cancer

    I’m not trying to pick on a gender when I say, “nice guys, powerful guys, smart guys” and now, as of breaking news today, “funny guys.” I’m just looking at statistics when I say guys. I know cancer is not limited to one gender. And there’s nothing funny about it.   We’ve been … Read more

Ghost Story

(Warning: Parental guidance suggested. Frightening images.)     So as not to disturb, a fine gentleman and his respectful wife tip-toe in through the back door of a community meeting already underway. The group of at least a couple hundred people are seated in circular formation. There appears to be no open seats, so the … Read more

My Name is Pam and I Have a Stronghold(s)

  Last weekend John and I were walking out of Sidecar Doughnuts and I looked back not so unlike Lot’s wife. But rather than turning into a pile of salt-and-butter doughnut, I noticed the sign painted on their window and I thought of the scripture about God’s mercies being new every morning. I know what … Read more

Only the Delightful Things

  I really don’t like speaking of Stacie in the past tense for a few reasons. One, I miss her, and past tense phrasing reminds me that she’s gone from this earth. Two, I fully believe she’s more alive than ever, so she’s definitely not “over.” And three, for all I know, maybe she can … Read more

Powerful Men and Shaky Voices

Powerful Men and Shaky Voices   I was in my late teens and on one of my first jobs. My boss was a little too “friendly” and I asked him to stop. I was afraid to speak up to him, but in my shaky voice, I did. Soon after, although I wasn’t fired, he subtly—yet … Read more

Never Ever Give Up Hope

  “If it’s me reading the signs…” –Tiffany, from “Silver Linings Playbook”     It’s been a rough week. I’m clearly weary. I think a lot of us might be clearly weary. Outa juice, power, steam. Some days I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and saying, “Okay, I give. I’m ready … Read more