Good Jean

  When I compliment my mom on her youthful skin, she normally says something like, “I have good genes; I’ve got the Genaro skin.” She doesn’t deny the compliment (I mean, how could she?) but deflects it as a gift, part of her heritage. She also has a pretty snappy sense of style, and she … Read more


  “Make-up” wears a lot of hats, if you will. For one, it’s the paint we put on our face before we go out in public.   When I let myself think about that concept, I think it’s weird. But I still do it.   I overheard a hair color commercial from the other room. … Read more

Best Place

It hasn’t been two weeks since my friend Stacie passed away. Side note: We need to come up with a new term for “passed away.” None of the current phrases work for me, so let’s rally and find something new, something more fitting. Also, I don’t like “in a better place.” Even though I believe … Read more


On our walk down the steep IMA hill, the cap fell off of Lisa’s water bottle. Lisa is my new friend who’s come to love on the IMA girls this week. I like her, like, a lot. When the cap hit the ground, she picked it up and smiled, happy that it landed right side … Read more


The word looks like it feels. It’s 3:08 in the am. Hours after she left this place. She spent roughly 46 years showing us how to do love. To eat cookies with abandon. There are people I want to smack who say things like she’s in a better place. Yeah, I know that. Duh. But … Read more


Dana Carvey dressed as church lady

The (K)Cates really have nothing to worry about with me, competition wise. Winslet and Blancette can rest assured that my thespian foray has bordered on the inconsequential. And I’m mostly good with that. Along with getting the occasional casting call (an actual audition appointment) from my agent, I get audition notices all the time to … Read more

They Picked Me!

surprised faces

Forward Reviews picked I Punched Myself in the Eye for their homepage today and it’s their official Book of the Day! It’s a big deal!

THE PRO REVIEWS ARE IN! Check out the excerpts…

collage of excitement

  “Pamela Capone must be a riot at parties. She can turn the most mundane details of a day into witty poetry, and find a way to connect it all to God’s higher plan for us. From the mini-essays in this collection, it is clear that Pam is the kind of woman you’d want in … Read more


costco cetaphil cream

  I was assaulted by, I mean, encountered, the “Vwhat, you don’t like agave?” Costco lady today. She’s the lady in the “Pure Honey” chapter in my book, I Punched Myself in the Eye. I actually didn’t recognize her until she badgered, I mean, questioned me, on my excessive purchase of Cetaphil Moisterizing Cream. I … Read more

The Crumpled Up Wrap Rap

christmas ornament

The “Empty Under” got you down? That depressing space under the tree? It’s The Anti-climax; The Post-Christmas bloat. If you need a pick-me-up/way to relax, Download my book, see what I wrote.