On our walk down the steep IMA hill, the cap fell off of Lisa’s water bottle. Lisa is my new friend who’s come to love on the IMA girls this week. I like her, like, a lot.

When the cap hit the ground, she picked it up and smiled, happy that it landed right side up. Good to go.

I instantly thought of my Grandma Josephine. I told Lisa that growing up in an Italian home afforded me some long-held Italian customs, maybe what some cynical types might call “old wives’ tales.” I learned early on from Grandma Josephine that when a slice of bread dropped to the floor, if you picked it up and kissed it, it would now be germ-free—good to go. A smooch to the pane kissed the germs away. It didn’t matter which side it fell. I never, ever doubted the claim. I still don’t.

Boom! Metaphor landed right on my head like a loaf of bread delivering a bigger—biggest message: If you believe what Jesus did and does and will do, His “kiss”—His sacrifice—kisses our “germs” away. Good to go.

I believe it.

We’re kissed, right side up.