“Enjoy life…It’s Beautiful”

“Enjoy life…It’s Beautiful”


Today is Haydee’s birthday. Ten years ago about this time, she asked me if I’d join her on a trip to Guatemala, her homeland. A few weeks later, I did. Haydee was very sick, and she passed away on that trip. A few days before she passed, she asked me if I’d work for IMA after she was gone from this earthly place. I confirmed I would. Which I have done, since.


Tomorrow I’m headed to Guatemala with a team of fabulous women. For four of them, this will be their third trip. They just keep coming back. These gentle dental hygienists will be loving thousands of sweet teeth, as if these teeth are in the precious mouths of their own daughters. Along with these women, will be a couple more women who are IMA sponsors and new visitors to the school. Later in the week, two more IMA lovers will join, one of whom is my husband, John. This will be John’s first trip to IMA. I can’t wait for him to see the school and the girls. I bet he comes back.


Since it’s her birthday today, my mind is on Haydee. I just listened to a voicemail recording from her from Dec. 24, 2007. I think she was in year four of her cancer battle. In her beautiful accent, she said the following, and I’ve transcribed it exactly as it sounds because the only thing I would change about Haydee was that she got sick:


“Hi, my sister Pammy, how are you? This is Haydee. Hey, I want you to tell your husband to listen to this message. Tell him that I am in Laguna Beach looking at the ocean… admiring God’s wonders. And I did this because he provoked some of the envy of me when he called me like three or four days ago, and I had to do it for myself, so I want you to tell him that I enjoyed his call and I love him. And I love you, too. And I’m doing better and I be able to come to the beach today and I’m really happy. So I love you guys. Have a great Christmas and um, just enjoy life. It’s beautiful. Okay? Bye-bye.”






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