Meeting My Muse

Meeting My Muse


I was so excited, I forgot about my mask.


This is Vijay. Ever since I wrote about him in one of my stories, I’ve hoped to cross paths with him so that I could say hello. Today, as I was finishing up my ride and not far from home, I heard the singing, I saw the shirt with the message, and I saw the smile.


And so I stopped, forgot about the mask (sorry, Vijay), and said hello.


Grateful for my path today.


From The Little Love That Could:

With my Giant bike plastered to the back of my teeny MINI Cooper, I headed out of my neighborhood, down the hill, and stopped behind a car at a red light. To my left, I noticed a man approaching the intersection on the sidewalk. He had on a solid blue T-shirt with white lettering and a gigantic smile plastered on his beaming face. Even from that distance, I could see that the proportion of his pearly whites to his head was striking. I don’t know if he pushed the “walk” button or not, but his grin was pure joy—as if he just couldn’t contain it; as if he had a secret or a treasure; as if he had the best news in the entire world that he yearned to exclaim. Then I noticed the bold white letters on his shirt, exclaiming, “JESUS LOVES YOU.”

In the rear-view window of the car ahead of me, I could see the driver’s eyes, and he had noticed the man’s radiating presence too. I saw them wave to each other. The pedestrian’s smile never broke.

As the light turned green and the car entered the intersection, I moved forward. Making eye contact with the man who was still smiling that crazy, joyful smile, I gave him my smile, a nod, and a thumbs up. He returned my gestures. At the very moment that all of this was unfolding, a melodic, almost haunting tune came from my radio. Miraculously synchronized, the music in my car became a soundtrack to the scene I was in with this stranger as the voice in the song repeated, “I should have known, I should have known . . .”

Translated: Duh, why do you forget?

I don’t claim the writer of those lyrics was speaking of Jesus’s love. But I’ve lived long enough to know that God can use anything He wants to get our attention and declare words of truth. What was coming through my Sirius XM “heavenly” radio were His words, passing through my own heart, speaking aloud as reminders to myself that “I should have known, I should have known.” I should have known that Jesus loves me, that He’s never left me, that He’s loved me all along, even when I stray from the path…”