Has God Faded?


Has God Faded?


Far from the crowds and on a dirt path along the ocean, I was riding just south of the San Clemente pier yesterday when I saw “Save 2020.” You’re telling me, I thought, 2020 is a mess. (Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse, my dad—on his 91st birthday the day before—fell and broke his ankle. The first broken bone of his life. So yeah, 2020 is a jerk and it either needs saving or just deleting.)


And then I noticed that preceding those words “Save 2020,” was a faint “God.”


Maybe it was the angle or maybe it was the lighting, but “God” wasn’t as visible. And this was not to my liking, since the God part made all the difference to me. So I stuck my finger into the “G” with the intention of deepening the writing, but I found that it was not written in sand at all, it was etched into solid rock. And the God part was unchangeable.


I took this photo and after viewing it, I realized that I could use a simple contrast adjustment on my camera and voilà, God became easier to see.


“God” itself didn’t change, it was there all along. I just couldn’t see it well from where I stood, or from the sun in my eyes.


Personally, I have no problem with declaring my dependence on God—even when He appears faint. My perception is the problem.


God save 2020, and God save me.