Dot Connecting

Dot Connecting


I’m a big believer in the power of connecting dots.

When I saw the video of the woman in Central Park wielding her power over the birdwatcher, I was disgusted—no, BEYOND disgusted. Mind-body-soul-spirit disgusted. Revulsion. I don’t want to think she represents me. I wanted to look away.

And this was before George Floyd.

This week. Ugggh. I’ve felt gut-punched. I’ve cried. I’ve been speechless. Things are so bad, there’s so much pain and chaos in our world, I don’t even know what to pray for—where to begin. There’s a scripture in Romans about “wordless groans.” When we have no words for what we see, hear, feel—what do we do? Paul, the author of Romans, writes that the Spirit intercedes for us in our anguish.

We need intercession.

We have proof that our world–our country—is burning. It’s burning up literally and figuratively. It’s sick; it’s burning up with fever.

We have a horrifying video of a man literally being killed by another man kneeling on his neck, while others allowed it. It has collectively taken our breath away. It should.

I don’t have sufficient words, and that’s okay. I am told that the groans work. If we’re not already kneeling, it’s time.

Everything is connected. Please give this video a watch. It’s longer than you think you might have time for. We don’t have time not to watch. We don’t have time to look away.

And we don’t have time to not take a good look at ourselves to honestly ask if that woman in Central Park represents us in any way.

Nothing will change until we do.

Rom. 8:26