Tee Shirts and Jeans



I shop at Goodwill for my tee shirts because I like soft, lived-in things. Sometimes even a little tattered, a little hole-y. In fact, I sleep best in these.


On this trip to IMA, I wore two of my newest: one had “Live a great story” written on it and one had “#accepted.”


For a long time I struggled with feeling “accepted,” and on some days, I still do. Mostly by humans. But I’m getting better. I’m better at accepting not being accepted by some. (Accepted AKA approval.)


I don’t need it.


I worked feverishly and futilely for a long time to be accepted by God. But then I came to understand that it had never been essential to work for something I had all along.


I need it. I want it. I have it. It is his miraculous work that makes my hole-iness holy.


I had seen the “Live a great story” slogan a while back and so I went online to see about purchasing an item from their website because I loved the message. I think being present and intentional is a key factor in living a great story. However, I decided not to buy one online because I didn’t want to spend the money.


So when I saw it at Goodwill recently, at a fraction of the price, I nabbed it.


I went on a walk in the village surrounding IMA, here in Mixco, Guatemala, last week when I happened to be wearing the tee. On my walk, I met Cristina who looked so much like my grandma Josephine, I asked if I could have a photo with her to show my mom. I think she looks like my mom, (whose name is Jean), too. Those Genaro genes, you know. Strong. Beautiful. Accepting.


I’m coming up on a birthday (one month from now, so, you know, whatever) and I’m a little softer, more live-in. I’m comfier in the holiness that I had nothing to do with, but gladly snuggle into it, and rest.