Soft Shoulder Carpe Diem

Soft Shoulder Carpe Diem

It’d be a stretch to say pulling this soft shoulder photo-op move had been on my bucket list. But had I wanted to do it every time I’d see this road sign? You bet your bare naked lady shoulder I did. So on the road to the Salton Sea, the sign beckoned me. I came I saw I conquered.


Side note: Afterwards, I had to tinkle (from all that salty air? IDK.) and so I modestly dropped my drawers behind a sand dune and John clandestinely snapped a photo. He clearly saw this as an act of carpe diem, although by the aghast “NOOOOooooo” on my face, and literal “carpe diem” on my fanny, the photo tells a story of conflict and betrayal. (I have not included that photo here.)


I have a shirt that says, “Don’t Fight the Fun.” I don’t really need the shirt, so if you personally struggle with that fight, send me your address and I’ll mail it to you. Clearly, you need a reminder. You know who you are. And you need to lighten up.


My almost two-year-old grandson is a thrill seeker. His mom/my daughter sent some videos last night that I watched only 40 times each in sheer delight and horror. Please, Cassie, don’t show him high-rise base-jumpers on YouTube. Or even “Ford vs Ferrari.” Or “Man on Wire.” Or “Everest.” Or “Free Solo.”  Or “The Fast and the Furiousor any of the sequels.  I can only take so much. Point is, ‘lil dude doesn’t fight the fun, which I can’t help but respect and with which I can identify.


My cousin/friend, Amy, just pulled off her annual “Go with the Flow”—which crowdsources getting feminine hygiene products for women who have a tough time affording the girlie goods. She gives hugs and plugs.  Sidebar: Don’t you think it’s awkward when someone says “Hi” to a woman named Jean? Think about it. Anyway, Amy reminded me yesterday that the slogan she uses on her event tee-shirt, “Carpe Tampon” was my idea. I didn’t have to tell you that, but I choose to. I’m proud of it. Plus, well, it’s got carpe in it.


I have a touch of the FOMO*. I hate missed opportunities. When I know one just passed me by because I chickened out, I kick myself in the fanny. Unless you’re a Rockette at Radio City Music hall, it’s hard. But I try, in keeping with my seize-the-day life philosophy.


Case in point: I crossed paths with Nancy Pelosi at the SFO airport a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to say something to her, but at that moment our eyes met, I chickened out. If I’d have known she was going to tear up a president’s speech, I may have told her in the long run, she might regret it. But I could be wrong.


It’s four-something in the morning and everything’s quiet except my keyboard tapping fingers, my husband John’s semi-gentle snore, and the wind chimes outside which remind me of the ones in the 90’se 90’s movie “Twister.”  This clip doesn’t show the windchimes in the movie but go ahead and watch it anyway. Point is, my chimes are clanking at high volume and I’m likely not going to get to carpe diem on my bike today. I’m resilient. Bitter, yes, but resilient. I have accepted the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Randomly, Amy sent me a pair of socks that say, “Carpe the #@% out of this diem.”


She knows me.


I plan to wear them on my redeye to Guatemala in about a week. If I have to take my shoes off in security, the TSA dude may have an opportunity to read my socks, and if he does, it may just be fate. God has a way of telling us what we need to know, in the most creative and unconventional ways.


I have insomnia. Duh. Like I didn’t write a whole book about it.


My insomnia gets cray especially when I have a lot going on and especially especially the week leading up to my yearly Guatemala trip. From across the room, I see a stack of student bio packets just ready for someone to nab one and say, “Hey, why don’t I practice a little carpe diem myself, why fight the fun, ‘lemme go ahead and finally sponsor a student. What’s $35 a month in the grand scheme?  You might spend that on things like these, anyway.


No judgment, I’ve done it, too. This is just a little early morning reality check for those who can’t seize the sleep.


It’s early. So get a jump start on carpe diem. This was a touch long-winded; I didn’t mean to harp on the carpe, but for reals, people, you won’t get this very morning back.


(I’m printing out my student-to-sponsor roster. Want to check that off your bucket list?)



*fear of missing out