Color Thankfulness


These are bell peppers grown in my parents’ garden. I fried them yesterday to have with our dinner and I drank in the color as much as I did the taste. The visual alone is intoxicating.


I did the same thing the day before, as I drove up the 99 highway at sunrise. I was a little caught off guard—a little under the influence as I drank in the vineyards along the edge of the highway. Even though they were partially covered by plastic for protection from the frost, they could not be diminished. The gradations of gold tones on the landscape of vines atop the ground cover + sunrise + Sierras in the distance made me a little woozy.


I saw a clip this morning of a little boy who’s lived with color blindness. Using special glasses, the video shows him seeing color for the first time. I get the sense he may have been a little caught off guard, as he was overcome by emotion—a little under the influence.


This might sound like a leap, but to me, it’s just connecting dots: I think we can agree that in recent years, the racial divide in our country has widened. We’ve gone backward, we’ve been diminished. Imagine if we all could appreciate color the way this child did, be blessed by the glorious range, overwhelmed and under the influence, thankful for our colorful landscape and sky.