A three-year-old gave me this mug back in the day, back when I used to teach preschool. I love preschoolers. I’d been working with little ones since I was in high school and I quit (officially) when I was ready to give birth for the first time.

I just noticed the little chip in the lip. Lip chips happen.

My daughter, Cassie, is here for the weekend but she’s still sleeping, so I just set this coffee cup out for her. This is her go-to mug when she’s home. It perfect, because that woman can teach. She’s been teaching up a storm since she’s been born.

We’re all teachers, intentionally or not. We teach people what we believe by what we do, maybe more than what we say. We teach people how to treat us by what we allow, what we stop, and what we reinforce (according to Tony Gaskins). 

While we teach, lip chips happen. I need to be careful with my mug.