Powerful Men and Shaky Voices

Powerful Men and Shaky Voices


I was in my late teens and on one of my first jobs. My boss was a little too “friendly” and I asked him to stop. I was afraid to speak up to him, but in my shaky voice, I did. Soon after, although I wasn’t fired, he subtly—yet effectively—made my work conditions unbearable, which caused me to choose to quit. I didn’t tell anyone. That just changed.


It’s really, really (did I say really?) REALLY hard to speak up. It’s complicated and things are backwards. People often blame the wrong person and they protect the wrong person. That has to change.


Years before that, I’d had sexual abuse as a child. Although in many profound ways, I have healed, had forgiveness and levels of closure…it still effects me. Hurts me.


In the news the past couple of days, I’ve heard the term “statute of limitations,” and it makes my blood boil. That statute of limitations law impacted my ability to get legal justice for my early sexual abuse and sexual harassment. That statute protects the perpetrator, which sounds like traitor. Perfect. It sometimes takes years and years to get the strength to raise a petrified voice.


Other phrases I’ve heard the past couple days are “flood gates,” and “jump on the bandwagon.” Accusing women, blaming women, and still protecting the perpertraitor (which is now the official correct spelling; you’re welcome). It occurs to me that those voices who jump on the bandwagon, also become traitors.


Please, please, please: Point the finger in the right direction, put the power where it should be. Help calm, help strengthen the shaky voices. Things have to change.