Ahhh, You Got the Shimano’s


The other day I was lost in thought, all hunkered-down and hunched over my bike, grunting up a paved, steep residential street. I must’ve only been looking down for a good bit because I came within a centimeter of crashing into the back end of a Ford F-150. Queue sound effect for my screeching Shimano brakes, with a visual of the back end of my bike going up to the heavens cartoon-like. Phew, close one.


Today I was doing the same, having not learned a recent lesson, but this time as I looked only down, I saw this lovely tiger leaf. Queue Shimano brakes sound effect.


I started getting into mountain biking over a year ago, and when I started, I really knew nothing about it other than it looked fun. My daughter is practically a pro. So, in an effort to sound knowledgeable one day, I looked at one of the bikes in her collection and said, “Ahhh, you got the Shimano’s. Nice.”


She smiled at me. She knows what I was doing. She knows me.


I still don’t know much about bikes after a year, but I can shift like a boss’s lackey. And I do know that bikes are f-u-n FUN.


You just never know what’s around the corner, or in my case, up a hill. It’s probably a good idea to look up once in a while.