You’ve Got Your Nerve Endings


This morning, I gave my mom a test drive with this scalp massager (pictured). My dad was two feet away sans hearing aid, watching the news with the volume cranked, which rendered him oblivious to the happy groans from mom. So, from behind and without warning, I applied this magic wand to his scalp. His reaction matched mom’s. It was fabulous. It was perfect. They were both paralyzed with pleasure. They could hardly believe something so simple could be so exquisite, so transportive.


Queue screeching tire sound effect.


The news: I find what I’m seeing from both “official” news and my social media feed deeply disturbing—disaster upon disaster—global pandemic, raging wildfires, hazardous air, a tropical storm building into a hurricane, undeniable, devastating climate change, racial and political toxicity, people killing people, and people cheering on death. I want to quit it all.


The scalp massager looks a little like another simple item, a common kitchen utensil: a whisk. The difference with the scalp massager is that it is open-ended, and the whisk, of course, is closed.


WebMD says, “Though your skull is hard, your scalp is quite tender. It has more blood vessels than any other area of the body and lots of nerve endings.”


The scalp massager soothes, relaxes, calms, transports to a better place.  A whisk mixes things, stirs things up.


There’s not much we can do to control the “official” news. We have total control over the “news” we mix into our newsfeeds.


Consider what you post.


How hard is your head?


What is your contribution?


Are you open or are you closed?


What is your intention?


Are you a scalp massager or a toxic mixer?