I Try Again
My two-year-old grandson is learning how to work through a catastrophe. Now, when he’s building with his blocks and one gets knocked over by a knee, instead of harrowed wails, he will now sometimes grab a tool or two from his life skills coping toolbox: He actually remembers to take a deep breath. And even more often now, he’ll take a beat and you’ll hear his sweet resolute voice say, “I try again.”
And then he picks up the aberrant block and sets to work again.
I am wildly impressed by a tenacious spirit, so I tend to write about it a lot. That trait can take my breath away. If you’ve read my books, you might know that. There’s something so beautiful about that powerful, key moment of shifting transition from wanting to kick and scream and hurl wooden blocks to “No, I can do this. I can try again.”
If you’re feeling beleaguered, frustrated, spent, worn out, tapped out, burnt out, done with all of it, you can try again.