Should We Have to Explain Ourselves?


I’m gonna say yes and no.

For me personally, no in many contexts but in others, yes because of 1 Peter 3:15.

I saw this meme this morning and was reminded of a few days ago when I was on the first section of the trail that’s paved—the section before I get to the dirt. Because it’s not trafficked by autos, it’s used by a variety of people—street bikers, mountain bikers, beach cruisers, e-bikers, joggers, show-offy sprinters, skateboarders, unicyclers, electric unicyclers, drone operators and radio-controlled mini airplane and car operators, walkers, strollers and little girls on silver Razor scooters wearing glistening tiaras and bright pink, lacy princess dresses dancing in the wind.

With her one tiny leg on the scooter and the other pushing against the pavement, she grinned as she propelled herself forward alongside her mom who was casually running,  pushing a jogging stroller with an infant inside—and with an eye on both of her babies.

The little princess was just minding her own royal business, confidently gliding along on the smooth surface, not having to explain herself at all.

Her innocence and unabashed joie de vivre made me do a heart-gulp.

She was maybe five-years-old. I wonder if she starts kindergarten in the fall.

I wonder how her mom feels about sending her to school. When I was in school, we only did earthquake drills. I wonder if her mom worries about her little princess having to wrap her tender heart around the concept of lock-down and active-shooter drills. Or if mom’s Googling backpacks lined with bullet-proof shields.

That path is a paved way for a variety of humans doing their day. All are welcome.



That little princess on her Razor scooter shouldn’t have to explain herself… but I can think of others who are the exception to that meme rule.  In some cases, me, willingly. And specifically for those who don’t have lined backpacks but do wear dark suits with lined pockets. Those shielded ones do need to explain something that actually makes sense to that vulnerable little princess and even vulnerable little peasant me.