I Read the End of the Book


If you read the ending of the book, The Little Love That Could, you know what a bunny tail can mean.

Today: It was a foggy early a.m. and I had just arrived at the trailhead and was removing my bike from the rack on the back of my car. I had spent the drive from my house obsessing about whether I had “stepped in it” with a friend, or stepped over a line by offering someone with no spiritual belief system a teensy bit of unwelcome faith TMI. I’m usually careful about that sort of thing and, based on their response, I was wondering if I hadn’t been careful enough.

Just as my bike tire bounced to the ground, a jogger passed by and said a cheery, “Good morning…God bless you!

Say whaaat?

In all my years I don’t think I’ve ever heard that exact line as a greeting. I mean, maybe at church. Definitely not at a trailhead and definitely not by a stranger.

The timing was nuts. I threw my leg over my bike and began pedaling when I realized I was coming up behind Good-morning-God-bless-you-jogger. I began to pass him when I thought, No, go ahead, tell him—have you learned nothing this morning?

I told him what had just happened with the other person and what happened in my heart when he brazenly said good-morning-God-bless-you. He listened and responded. His affirming words further assuaged my anxiety and I knew that I had not stepped in it and I had not stepped over it. I did what I was called to do in a moment.  Good-morning-God-bless-you-jogger’s name was Mark and he left one on me. Mark was flagrantly faithful.

This was the first time I shed tears with a stranger since that Uber driver in San Francisco a couple of years ago. That time, after we’d crossed over The Golden Gate, we pulled over and we said a prayer together.

For real.

This morning, Mark and I shook hands on that dusty path and said goodbye. I pedaled on and just as I was turning a corner onto a different trail and thinking I was all alone, I was engulfed in white cottontail bunnies dolphin-style. Not since the proliferation of bunnies at the end of my book have I seen anything close to this. Bebopping along on each side of me and directly in front of me doing zig-zags leading the way, kind of like my winding-path faith—yet all of us were still moving forward, all with their fluffy tails blessing me, reminding me God loves me each “step” of the way.