Indistinct Chatter

In The Little Love That Could, I write about my aversion to small talk. I hate it. Loathe. So I thought of small talk when I noticed the “indistinct chatter” phrase in the subtitles of a film recently. One of my favorite reviews of my previous book, I Punched Myself in the Eye (yes, that was just two plugs. Whatever.) said: “Pamela Capone must be a riot at parties. She can turn the most mundane details of a day into witty poetry, and find a way to connect it all to God’s higher plan for us.” (IndieReader) The second part is my favorite because that’s my entire point in writing (and maybe life), so I hope that it’s true. The first part is entertaining for me because it’s so not true. I’m not a riot at parties because, for the most part, I detest them. Too much indistinct chatter. Charlie Brown’s school teacher: Wah wah wah wah wah wah.


I was just listening to this Brooke Castillo podcast and she was talking about another kind of chatter. Another chatter that doesn’t serve us. She highlights a couple of specific chatter topics (food and drink) but the list is truly endless of things that can be pointless and/or even destructive “noise.” Give a listen if you’d like. I found it to be easy on the ears and good for the heart.