Hi, my name is Pam and I have inner conflict. Occasionally when I accidentally run over a snail with my bike, I hear the crunch and I am all at once racked with regret AND have this unexpected, satisfying surge of pleasure like popping bubble wrap.


Ooooh, that’s good. No, wait, that’s bad. Good….bad…good…


If you’re a member of the human race, you have a shadow side. We like to present that we’re all bunnies and light but we all have that dark side we try to hide. We opt to live in Fantasy Land: We shush it, we sweep it, we pretend, we deny. Meanwhile, deep down we know what lurks. This pretense is not character building.


Character building is when we get honest. I say, let’s make friends with that little juxtaposing buggar, accept all sides of who we are, the good the bad, the ugly—and then even if it’s a snail’s pace—we move forward.