Six-Pack of Deer


I single-handedly started a new hashtag. It’s #thankfulforthelittlethingsseries.


I, for one, need to remember the creature comforts; the little things I take for granted, some of these are flat-out miracles. (I’d love to get you in on the ground floor of this revolutionary act.)


So yesterday, I had just come out of the bathroom at O’Neill Regional Park from a routine pee-and-flee, and was standing next to my bike that was leaning against a short wall. The place was like a ghost town. Remembering my hashtag project, I decided to take a picture of my Gu Energy Gel, which I had just sucked down, and which I’m thankful for. It’s super little and it packs a punch, fueling my chicken-legs as I peddle.


As I was posting it on Instagram (follow me @pammycapone, won’t you?!), I sensed a presence to my left. I looked up and there was a woman skulking toward me, trying to get my attention. With one hand making the SHhhhhhh finger to her lips and the other, pointing to my right, behind me.


I turned to look at what she wanted me to see, and there they were: A pack of at least six deer, just staring at us. Some big ones, some littles. We all just quietly checked each other out for a while. Had a moment.


I was distracted by the GU, and my technology (which both seem like small miracles)—and a few feet away, I could have missed the greater photo op and miracle, the moment, and our chance to enjoy a six-pack of deer.