What’s a human called who generally lives from a place of thankfulness, regardless of varying circumstances? A gratidude.

Gratitude shows up in all sorts of places and ways. I snapped this photo of a woman’s beautiful shoulder in church. As I listened from my pew with a view, I couldn’t help but feel The Word a little more.

Here’s another way I’ve witnessed gratitude showing up. The following is an excerpt from my soon-to-be released  book. The primary context is about a walk I had taken with the rest of my IMA team who had traveled with me to Guatemala:

“Traveling recently to Jamaica, I noticed a custom that’s also practiced in Mexico. When passing by a local, especially in the service industry, the other locals stop in their tracks and put their open hand to their heart. I find this to be quite beautiful. I may start doing this to get it going in the States. Join me?

The other evening, our team (visiting from the States) walked a few IMA students home in the village surrounding the school. There we met a student’s abuela. As the grandma spoke, I noticed her hand on her heart. Even if she hadn’t done this, I would have known this was the place from whence she was speaking. I heard and saw her gratitude for the IMA school and the impact it’s had on her nieta—her granddaughter—their home, and their life. She would take her hand from her heart occasionally and then point it to the heavens, and although I could not understand Español, I understood she was thanking God for her abundant blessings. I understood her tears, and I’m quite certain she understood ours.”—The Little Love That Could, Pamela Capone