Good to Go


While our bikes were in transport on the back of his car, John didn’t strap my beautiful bike down well enough which resulted in what he called a “scratch” on my crossbar.  I called it a gouge. He suggested I put a sticker over it. In my heart, I suggested we gouge his unblemished bike.

I recently went to a bike shop to look for a cool sticker. I couldn’t find one I liked, and so every day I get on my bike, I see the gash. And I think the bad thoughts.

The past month or so I’ve been studying Jesus’ counter culture/counter intuitive teachings on how to respond to someone who has done us wrong. He says do the opposite of our grimy gut. That whole turn the other cheek thing that makes no logical sense.

Last week I ordered a “Be Good to People” shirt online and when I opened up the package, it came with a freebie sticker.

I knew the perfect place for it, and I think Jesus might agree.

Scratch that natural instinct and cover the hurt with good—and you just may be good to go.