Small Acts Change the World



I like to write about little things that turn into big things.  That spontaneous decision someone makes that turns into a life-changing event—for them, for someone else. This is the stuff of magic, of miracles, whatever you’d like to call it. I call it love. Pure and simple. That’s exactly what my new book is about.


Today I saw a perfect example of this, of what puts the fire under my fanny that shoots straight up to my heart. (Wait, what?) You know what I’m saying.


It’s why we’re here. Right?


My brother Danny and his wife, Karla, took care of a neighbor for years as if he was family (because he was, really, when you think about it) until he passed away last year. I imagine they decided to do that in a simple moment because their collective heart was open.


In a moment, everything changes. Check out this video. Richie Sully says, “I can’t take all the credit. I was at the Red Cross giving blood and I got the link from my friend Jessica and she said, “He’s an O positive, you’re an O positive, you should give him a call. So I gave him a call.”




Go to 4:45:


From the person who decided to snap a photo of a shirt at Disney to the person who decided to give a kidney…


A small act—a little love—can change the world. I’m positive.