Gutter Grapefruit


Yesterday I was riding my bike, and stopped to chug some water. I looked down and saw a squashed grapefruit in the gutter.


Ah, the sweet tangy/smell of grapefruit metaphor.


I had been struggling with some stress, worry, fear. And the thought emerged, Pammy, don’t live like a sunken in, gutter grapefruit. Grapefruits are a powerhouse packed with vitamin C—it’s the best zest. It girds the loins of the immune system, from fighting a measly cold to preventing free radical damage that can trigger an inflammatory avalanche leading to to a myriad of scary conditions, maybe even death. Vitamin C packs a serious punch.


And then another question: What are the free radicals in your life? Use the power that’s been infused in you to reign those suckers in, fight. Live as you were meant to live. Step up, out.