Tangible Love


On my bike ride this morning, I saw a woman wearing the same shoes as sweet Kamill pictured here. The flash of bright tangerine and royal blue brought me back to that day in Guatemala this past March when Tiffany and Jeni and their teams of lovers came to the IMA school and gave kicks to our girls and staff. We ate pizza, drank some sugary soda, laughed, got to know each other. Some girls proudly wore their shoes, some just held them close to their heart, treasuring them.


One would notice these shoes as someone jogged by—I’m guessing—even if they didn’t have that Spring day in Guatemala. They’re striking, eye-catching.


Personally, I like noticing people who love practically.


With so much vitriol right now in our world, I’m glad I rode past that jogger and remembered that day, and that there are bright people who know how to hands-on love, people I hold close to my heart, treasure.