Call Your Cousin

I love the quote, “Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie, don’t save it for a special occasion; today is special.”—Regina Brett

In honor of my fun-living, big-loving, carpe diem cousin who passed onto his next adventure yesterday, I dedicate this post. John Genaro lived the way I try to live. So far today, I’m here on Earth, tomorrow, Who knows. And to the wise words of Regina Brett, I would humbly add:

Hug your people (and consider widening your circle of people).

Hug them hard.

Use the fine china.

Take that art class.

Write the letter.

Eat al fresco.

Audition for that play.

Eat the gnocchi.

Play hooky with your grandkids at Disneyland.

Skinny dip.

Mix the salad with your bare hands.

Try good, fresh sushi even if it scares you.

If you can’t travel, shop at ethnic markets in your neighborhood.

Talk to strangers.

Try weird food.

Ride a bike.

Send a hand-written thank you card.

If a favorite ceramic vase is broken, glue it—don’t throw it away–the crack is good.

Spend money on things like wind chimes and small water fountains.

Keep the windows open, especially if Jasmine is outside.

Call and say you’re sorry.

Put up a hammock.

Use it.

Have friends who are too old to be your friends.

Have friends who are too young to be your friends.

When you’re with the people you love, take the Bluetooth out of your head.

Shut the TV off and listen to the quiet.

Hold hands with your friends while you walk, no matter the sex.

Go to Mimi’s for breakfast, order the Quatre Fromages Quiche and pronounce it exactly the way it looks.

Say it with a straight face.

(And for proof this can be done, click on the play button on the link. )

Call your cousin.