These stories pack a punch!

When life is messy and you write essays, you get “messays” (messy+essay=messay). In her collection of personal, non-linear, stand-alone stories, you will not only be entertained by her colloquial, quirky style, surprising truths are revealed. Putting her “quirk to work,” she blends humor and depth. This easy, transparent read will appeal to anyone looking for a little downtime. You will end up not only with that, but so much more.

Key themes are seizing the day, humanity, grace, faith and messages from a higher power. Some of the true-life stories are downright hilarious, and a few are piercingly poignant, revealing old truths with fresh insight. Mostly they are about receiving understanding in the nonsense, epiphanies in unexpected places, redemption in everyday life. She shows that revelation from above can come many ways—a gardener’s humble truck, an overlapper on a plane, a subway musician, a little boy who needs his button buttoned, a self-inflicted black eye. The more you believe it’s possible, the more it is.

If you dig a little in an average day, you too can find the golden nugget—and don’t we all need that?

By day, a self-professed professional unpaid people watcher and evidence gatherer, and by night, an insomniac dot connector, Pamela Capone lives in Southern California with her husband, John. They have two fabulous adult children together, Joey and Cassie.

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